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Mice Removal and Rat Control Service for Dodge City, KS.

Mice are mammals, and when it gets cold outside, they try to come inside! Often, they invite themselves in and make your home their home, even when they aren't invited. Mice and rats are perhaps the first to move in, setting up their new luxury home within your walls. They find great joy in surprising humans with their presence. Bonus points for making Mom scream.

Thankfully, we know just the trick for mouse removal. We'll come in and find these startling creatures and swiftly remove them from your home. No more laying there in bed at night listening to the scratching in the walls. Nor the shock of walking into the kitchen late at night to get a drink of water, only to see a mouse scurrying across the counter.

Mice are notorious for finding your extra food and crumbs left around. They also love cluttered areas. So if you can, try to keep your house clean and be sure to clean up any and all food which may be left out. Even the crumbs. Maybe let your dug come in and lick the kitchen floor clean.

You'll tend to notice mice or rats more in the winter because they're trying to get out of the cold. Unfortunately, your home is often the best place they can find, so they'll rudely make themselves your roommates - without paying any rent! Call Dodge City Rodent Control today to help move these unwanted guests out. We'll give you a free estimate and will always leave the place cleaner than we found it.

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“We had a family of mice living in our kitchen for over a month. Finally called up Dodge City Mouse Control and they took care of it in one visit. Thank you!"

- Charles