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Bed Bug Removal Service

Bed bugs can spread like wildfire. They are nasty little creatures who are more like vampires than bugs. Not to scare you or anything, but they literally bite and drink your blood. Dracula? No, just a bed bug. And the worst part is, they are very difficult to get rid of without the proper treatment. Our Dodge City Bed Bug Control is one of our most utilized services because of how difficult these critters are to exterminate. Right when you think you've killed them off, they come right back

In Dodge City, our bed bug control service is top rated for both residential and commercial properties. We've been in the business long enough to understand how these bed bugs think and act. We know what they like, don't like, and even know where they hang out on the weekends.

Bed bugs are nothing to mess with. They not only bite, but they'll leave painful sores and bruises on the skin. Gross.

So how do we handle them?

First, we'll come over and check out the gravity of the problem. Is it really bad? Or just bad? We'll then provide you with an estimate for your bed bug removal. Our prices tend to be lower than services like Orkin because we're local and don't have huge overhead.

Next, we'll either start on the spot or come back for a scheduled time. We then will spray and perform our signature bed bug removal protocol. It's recommended that you schedule a few different bed bug sprays over the course of a year. They seem to have a pattern of coming back to the same place twice if not sprayed again. But we will discuss all of this with you on the job.

Call today for your free estimate. Don't wait for these blood suckers to take over your home.

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“Bed bugs were all over the house. An absolute miss. Dodge City bed bug removal saved us and our family."

- Matthew