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Top Rated Pest Control Service in Dodge City, Kansas.

Dodge City Pest Control is a top-rated, professional, and affordable exterminator service to help you get rid of termites, ants, mice, fleas, bed bugs, and much more.

We are not your typical exterminator. Our pest control service helps both residential and commercial customers eradicate those unwanted guests. We use top rated and superior equipment, products, and supplies that you can’t find at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, or other home improvement store when looking for a DIY project.

However, we don’t pass on the cost to you! Our pest control bot and calculator keep the price of our exterminator services affordable. Customers find that our pest control estimates are some of the best in Dodge and few other companies and technicians are able to match our pricing. Our reviews on Yelp, White Pages, Google, and Facebook speak for themselves. Take a look at some of our testimonials here. Give us a try today!

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“We had a massive termite problem. They came out right away and took care of it in a very professional way!"


- Joe Williams, Dodge City, KS

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services:

We offer both residential and commercial exterminator services. See our list:

  • Ants
    • These sneaky pests can wreak havoc on your home and frustrate you beyond your wildest dreams. You go to Home Depot or Walmart to buy ant killers, but it’s to no avail. They keep coming back. Where are they coming from? Why can’t you kill them? Well, this is why we're in business! We specialize in exterminating ants.
  • Mice
    • Seeing mice in your home is always a shock. These unwanted rodents are cute to some, but the worst living creatures on the face of the planet for others (we’re talking to you, Mom). Mouse traps only do so much, and even when they do the job, you’re left with a hot mess to clean up. Plus, that’s one less piece of cheese you got to use on your ham and swiss sandwich yesterday. We go to work for you to eradicate mice and other rodents,
    • Imagine if your customers saw the mouse running across the countertop, like you saw today. Sure, it startled you, but can you only imagine what they would think!? Having a mice problem is a surefire way to lose business extremely fast. We’d recommend taking care of this the moment you see that little 4 legged monster.
  • Fleas
    • Your pup tried googling “Exterminators Near Me” two days ago. He’s got fleas. The poor thing is dying over there and is practically scratching the skin off his body. Do something about it and call Dodge City Pest Control! Sure, the flea treatment will help him, but those unwanted pests will come right back if the proper course of action is not taken. Your pet will thank you.
  • Termites
    • I don’t know about you, but it seems like termites come out of the woodwork sometimes! Pun intended. Termites can thoroughly destroy your home or business, and can weaken the living daylights out of the structure. Most buildings are not made to be termite proof, which means you need to be treating it consistently to stay ahead of the game. Once you have a termite problem, things can go south very quickly. And we don’t mean down to sunny Cancun. Call us today and get a quote. You’ll be extremely happy that you stayed on top of it! But if you'd rather take care of these suckers on their own, see our 5 tips for killing termites DIY.
  • Voles
    • What the heck is a vole? Well, have you seen Christmas Vacation? You know, Uncle Eddie comes by with his trailer full of crap - no seriously, remember the green slime he dumped in the storm drain? He’s a great guy with a great heart, but when he’s around, everything seems to fall apart. Well, the vole is like the mouse’s cousin, just like Eddie. He’s cute and all, but holy moly he can destroy EVERYTHING. Okay, maybe not everything, but he’ll burrow his way into tiny crevices, bring his wife and kids with him, and then toss out the kids for you to watch while he and his wife can have some privacy. So rude. Call the best pest control company in Kansas and we’ll take care of it!
  • Bed Bugs
    • We always have said that the term “bed bug” is entirely too nice of a name for this spawn of satan. Or should we say, Dracula. Did you know that bed bugs bite and suck your blood? It’s how they survive. Not to scare you or anything, but these vampire like parasites aren’t just the friendly “bed bugs” that come and cuddle with you. The term “bed” tends to imply this feeling of comfort and rest, but these demons are from from it. They bite and they latch on for dear life. So, have we scared you enough? Sorry, it’s just that we have personal experience here with bed bugs in Dodge City, and it brings up bad memories. Well, good memories now since we are able to exterminate the bedbugs with the full force of our top rated pest control equipment.
  • Spiders
    • Are you more scared of spiders or snakes? It’s always one or the other. For us, it’s spiders. And nothing brings us more satisfaction than finding these hairy monsters - no not your Aunt Ruth - and “disposing” of them. See, we’ll find them and “gently” escort them to their “proper” burial ground - ahem - homes, and make sure that they “settle” in nice and sweet. Ahh who are we kidding, we find spiders and we exterminate spiders. It’s what we here at Dodge City Pest Control do for a living. It’s why you call us for a quote. We love what we do in some weird way.
  • Rats
    • Yes, we did already talk about mice. Well, aren’t rats the same thing? NO! Technically yes, but we wanted to devote a different section to them because these are the mice who grow into the size of your cat, Wiskerus Maximus. These long-tailed italian chefs have to go! Ratatouille is not happening on your watch! Dodge City Pest Control will be sure to fail these rats before they ever graduate culinary school.
  • Moles
    • That new pile of dirt in the yard wasn’t there yesterday. Uh oh, you have a mole. Time to call Bill Murray (yes we know it was a gopher, but same thing right?). Just kidding, you should probably call the top rated exterminator instead. Unlike Bill Murray, we have the ability to handle these sneaky rodents. 
  • General Yard
    • The ant mountain is back, the moles are renovating their $3 million mansion, and the spiders have built a new highway down into your basement. If this were the government, we’d have lots of jobs and economic expansion! But, unfortunately, it’s not. So call Dodge City Pest Control and we’ll be sure to rename that ant mountain to Mt. KiliANTjaro. Yes, that's a Dad joke. You don't have to laugh.

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Yelp, AngiesList, Homeadvisor, etc… will all show that we are the top rated Pest Control company in Dodge City Kansas. The exterminator reviews we receive from our past customers are glowing. We always answer our customer’s pest control questions in highly informative ways that help educate you for the future.

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